I’m so dang nervous, what’s your advice?

That is totally normal! The most nerve wrecking part is the first hour or so before your hair and makeup appointment, after that you are golden babe! I can promise that you will come out of your session feeling like a dime and I’ll be here every step of the way to answer questions and give you the best experience I can.

I have no idea how to pose or make a sexy face, help?

First of all, your face is ALWAYS sexy. Second, don’t even worry about posing! I will talk you through every single pose and help you with every movement. From when to arch, where to look, and what to do with your hands. You will think I’m crazy for some poses and you may or may not be sore the next day, but trust me it’ll be worth it.

When will I get my Photos back?

Depending on what package you purchase and time of year, turnaround times vary between 1-3 weeks. Please keep this in mind when booking your session for an occasion or gift.

Can i bring a friend to the shoot?

A friend is welcome to join you if you are comfortable with them being there. No children or men please.

How long does a session last?

I’d love for you to give yourself the whole day to relax and spend time on yourself, but the session itself will take around 3-4 hours including hair and makeup, changing time, and just time to hang out and talk in between outfits. This is a day for YOU. Lets drink mimosas and have girl time.

Do my photos have to be shared?

Absolutely not. These photos are so special for you and I respect any reason you may have for not wanting to share them. Any of the photos you see of another babe are shown with their permission and a binding contract. I will say though, that most of my babes see their photos and end up wanting to show them off so I totally encourage that! Share them with friends and co-workers and be proud of how brave and beautiful you are!

I’m worried about cellulite and stretch marks, do you do retouching?

I do MINIMAL retouching which include acne, bruises, bug bites, etc. But I won’t remove stretch marks or cellulite. I will pose you in ways that is best for your body and I promise you won’t even notice those things. Remember that acceptance is part of this experience and just by booking your session, you are well on your way to loving your beautiful body.

Where will my session take place?

I have a private studio in Kingsport, Tn that most of my sessions are shot at, although I also offer various outdoor locations.

What in the world should I wear? And where should I get it?

This is probably the most asked question and honestly the answer is simple… whatever the hell you feel good in! Although, I will give you my honest and professional opinion on what will work best for your body type and what will likely not photograph well. There are plenty of options for the babes who don’t feel confident in lingerie too! We can discuss options in your pre-session consultation.

Do you shoot couples boudoir or maternity boudoir?