-un·bound  not bound: such as

(1) not fastened

(2) not confined 

“Sexy isn’t a size, it’s a state of mind.”

Boudoir for babes of any size, shape, color, age, or ability.

“body love means we have the autonomy to decide how we want to exist in our bodies. YOUr self-love. Your way.”

Hey Babe!

I’m Brandi, your soon-to-be favorite hype girl. I’m a wife and cat mom, and I’m a sucker for the weird and unusual. I’m here to be the realest me, showing you the realest you. I’m more than just a boudoir photographer, I’m a body enthusiast and self-love advocate.

I’m going to show you that your photos aren’t going to be just something GORGEOUS to hang on your wall or give to your boo, but the start of love and acceptance of your body and self!

We will listen to Beyoncé, drink champagne, and maybe the next day you will be a little sore from posing, but you’ll never forget what it feels like to feel that damn good about yourself.

Boudoir that isn’t bound by your body.

What are you waiting for?